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Bring your company alive

Developing an audience opens up a loyal customer base who will buy from you again and again. 
We make it easier to build, engage and monitise.

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Our Story

Any busines has the potential to be a media business. We help you identify the stories which matter, and that will engage others if shared. 

We provide a fully Done For You Service which is quick and convenient. All you need to do is bring your skills, knowledge, and talent and we help you get your message to your audience quick smart.

1. Design & Organise 

Whether you know exactly what you want to share, or you have no idea whatsoever our experienced team can handle it all. Together we will design a program that delivers compelling content and exceptional value to the end-user. You just need to bring you!

2. Create your content

We provide everything you need. From interview guests, content ideas, recording gear and professional editing. Our studio provides the highest quality end product, which will leave your audience blown away with your professional presentation.

3. Present & Polish

Once the filming is complete we bring it all together on an easy-to-use online platform, so you can easily edit or tweak things down the track as you expand or tweak your offerings.

4. Market & Sell 

When you're ready to launch, we help your craft your message to make sure your network engage.  Congratulations you now have an evergreen content system future customers can devour building your brand and credibility in the market.


Case Study: Leadership Training

As a newly developed leadership development business, we helped the Professional Leadership Institute build a fully online presence. 

With web traffic being funnelled from Facebook and an email list, we helped our client remove sales people and transact fully online. 


"I had been putting off going online for a while. Working with Michael has been great, and they helped me identify the most relevant content"

Felicity, Public Speaker

"I had planned to move to online things over 6 months. This service helped me have it in market and generating revenue in 2 weeks"

Jack, Property Educator

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